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The Solomon Islands (4 of 4)
By now you might wonder why is such a paradise not more popular. In fact, I hadn’t heard of the Solomon Islands before I planned to go there. Tourism is virtually non-existent, and only a few foreign companies operate in the country. These factors make it an even more beautiful place, virtually untouched by tourists […]
The Solomon Islands (3 of 4)
In my diary I wrote of an incident that happened to me personally, and it only added to the mystery and my bewilderment of the place: I got quite lost one night. It happened after most people had gone to bed. I went to the beach for business purposes [a beach area is designated as […]
The Solomon Islands (2 of 4)
Solomon Islanders have countless mysterious custom stories that come from traditional beliefs, from before Europeans discovered the land. After spending some time there and hearing many stories, I truly felt like they were real events that happened, and that some of the people still believe today. The magical atmosphere of the country adds to the […]
The Solomon Islands (1 of 4)
The Solomon Islands (1 of 4) The Western tourism machine has not found its way
Medellin, Colombia
Medellin, Colombia Considered by many to be the most dangerous city i
The Other Side of the World
Arriving in Korea for the first time to teach Engl