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Six Tips for Exploring Stockholm on a Budget
Six Tips for Exploring Stockholm on a Budget Foreign tourists often skip Stockholm. one of Europe's great capitals, because it's perceived to be out of the way or too expensive. Matthew Stone reveals how it is possible to explore Stockholm on a budget.
Stockholm for Snails
Stockholm for Snails Terje Raa follows in the footsteps of a famous Swedish lady - very late and very slowly, though without singing.
Stockholm Retro – Sweden, Europe
Stockholm Retro – Sweden, Europe In Stockholm, Terje Raa approaches a tall lady who had a voice like a man, a career among the Nazis and who was born 100 years ago.
The Ice Bar and Hotel – Stockholm, Sweden
Leif Pettersen's addiction to ice leads him to the
A Weekend in Stockholm (1 of 2)
Before leaving for Scandinavia, I tried to gauge opinion on Sweden by asking some friends to name a few things Swedish. I quote verbatim: Blondes, au pairs, blonde au pairs, ABBA, Ikea and Volvos. (Please note: This survey was carried out prior to the appointment of whatshisname, the England football manager.) Having been to Stockholm […]
A Weekend in Stockholm (2 of 2)
On Anna-Christine’s recommendation, I spent Saturday evening at Stampen, a jazz club in Gamla Stan. The club was built like a rabbit warren on two floors of an 18th century building. It had two stages, one on each floor. The upstairs band played real I-know-jazz kind of jazz, while the downstairs bar had a dance […]