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Round The World by Bike: Khartoum, Sudan to Ethiopia (March 2002)
The heat is a real drag, but Al has crossed Africa's largest nation and learned so much. The Sudanese are the kindest, most cheerful, most hospitable and welcoming people that he has ever met.
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Fruity Pleasures – Sudan
Kelly Sobczak is a sexy woman wrapped in mangoes. Even if she doesn't know how to do the wrapping on traditional Sudanese garb. But neither do the Sudanese.
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Fruity Pleasures – Kassala, Sudan
Fruity Pleasures Kassala, Sudan The old man lounging on the sidewalk slowly nodded his head and mumbled “tamam” (meaning “good” in Arabic) when he saw me. Other men heartedly called out “Sudanese” and waved their arms in approval, while passing women met their eyes with mine and gently smiled. Walking through the streets of the […]
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