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The Prarie Provinces, Saskatchewan and Manitoba – Saskatchewan and Manitoba, Canada
The Prarie Provinces, Saskatchewan and Manitoba – Saskatchewan and Manitoba, Canada The Prairie Provinces, Canada – January 2002 Saskatchewan and Manitoba Ice Fishing 101 Who knew a hole in the ice could be so much fun? Winter on the Prairies is what you make of it. The majority of the population takes cover indoors, huddling under blankets and gorging on carbohydrates until the green grass pokes […]
Saskatchewan & Manitoba, Canada – Prayers for the Global Tribe
Living in the Prairie Provinces (Saskatchewan & Manitoba) in many ways isolates us from the daily trials of the rest of the world. Comfortable in our rural-rooted lifestyle, hidden away from the crime and uncertainty of larger centers, we live our lives with a sense of security and safety. Or at least we did. I […]
The Prairie Provinces, Canada – September 2001
Hiding-Out, Prairie-Style What do Butch Cassidy, Al Capone, and Sitting Bull all have in common? Well, when things got a little hot for them down in the States, they headed on up to the Prairies for a reprieve from the law. With few people to bother them and easy access to the States, the Prairies […]
The Prairie Provinces – Getting Here – Prairie Provinces, Canada
The Prairie Provinces – Getting Here If you are coming to Canada, you can’t miss the Prairie Provinces. An oasis of forest, grassland, and lakes plunked down right in the middle of the country, the region’s central location makes getting here a breeze. Just remember: with only 2.1 million people living in an area of […]
The Prairie Provinces, Canada – July 2001
Exploring a Proud Heritage The Prairie Provinces are home to a strong and proud aboriginal heritage, and provide perhaps the best opportunity in North America for travelers to come into contact with First Nations peoples in both a traditional and modern context. There are a number of places and events in both Saskatchewan and Manitoba […]