Tan Wee Chenga Travel Articles

Worldwide with Wee-Cheng #24: Yucatan, Mexico: Land of the Mayas
Wee-Cheng watches locals use Coca-Cola in religious ceremonies, chucks down a few fried grasshoppers and visits the birthplace of chocolate.
Worldwide with Wee-Cheng #25: Chiapas & Oaxaca, Mexico: Mayan Gods, Fried Grasshoppers & Beheaded Saints
Wee-Cheng is winding up his Latin American adventure, but he still has time to eat some more interesting food and have his photo taken with dead people.
Worldwide with Wee-Cheng #27: After Latin America, What\’s Next? Recap & More on Plans
The full statistical breakdown of Wee-Cheng's trip, but it's only this part that's coming to a final destination. Look for him in Europe soon...
Worldwide with Wee-Cheng #29: Faroe Islands: Green Mountainous Heaven in the North Atlantic – Faroe Islands, Denmark
For a bunch of fingernails, it's not a bad set of islands.
Worldwide with Wee-Cheng #1: Project Infinite Liberation
Wee-Cheng outlines his trip, route and destinations. Latin America is only the beginning.