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Dar es Salaam Travel Facts
The Basics City Name: Dar es Salaam Where is it located?: Dar es Salaam is on the Indian Ocean. Why do people go there?: Compared with Nairobi, it’s a big safe city, with nice beaches, good food, lots of expats, and friendly people. How do travelers get there?: You can easily reach Dar es Salaam […]
Tanzania Travel Facts
The Basics Country: Tanzania Where is it?: Tanzania is located in eastern Africa, just south of the equator on the Indian Ocean. Why do people go here?: Tanzania is home to the highest concentration of wildlife parks in all of Africa. With famous parks like the Serengeti and Ngorongoro crater, travelers tend to visit Tanzania […]
People of the Valley – Kilombero, Tanzania
Zoe Bridger enjoys a classic canoe safari at an is
Moshi, Tanzania (26 May 2002)
Nine months of cycling without music has been too much of a challenge for Al. He asks what would be your soundtrack for a trip around the world? Also, Al will be avidly watching the World Cup from an
Nairobi to Dar Es Salaam (6 June 2002)
Nairobi to Dar Es Salaam (6 June 2002) It was an exciting first afternoon in Dar Es Salaam. Al was faced with a horrible, horrible dilemma and then received a mysterious warning via a cell phone call. All this amidst the Greatest Show on E
Dar Es Salaam to Blantyre, Malawi (July 2002)
Tanzania was fun - a gentle, pleasant and amusing country and people: a country that calls roundabouts "keepy-a-lefty's". Now it's on to Malawi a country trapped in a spiralling famine, due party to a
One of the 1001 Night Stories – Zanzibar, Tanzania
Jenny Teng was so relieved to have survived the 20
Travel Off The Beaten Path to a Unique Tanzanian Experience – Tanzania
An invitation is required to attend this special e
Big Brother’s African Brother #37: Iringa, Tanzania to Chitimba, Malawi
The group are excited by the prospect of crossing into a new country, while Tom and Penny contemplate if they have a future on the truck (again).
Big Brother’s African Brother #35: Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania
Not everyone in the group are overjoyed at being reunited on the truck as it does not take long for reality to set in. And it's nomination day again!