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Eight Days of Madness: Cradle Mountain to Lake St Clair (2 of 3)
That night we camped at an area below Mt Oakley and spent the night keeping the (very huge) possums out of our luggage and tent – little buggers kept wanting to rip the tent apart to get at the rations so we had to keep flashing lights at them during the night. The overland track […]
Eight Days of Madness: Cradle Mountain to Lake St Clair (1 of 3)
For someone who had never hiked overnight before,
In The Cradle of God (8 of 8)
In hindsight my irrationality was equally a symptom of hyperthermia and I had no idea what my face looked like. I was also stumbling as I walked, a further symptom. “Hiro, do we want to die here?” “No.” “Let’s get the fuck off this ridge then.” “Yes, let’s go. Quickly.” So we put our heads […]
In The Cradle of God (7 of 8)
Bizarrely, I removed my camera from under my shirt and took a photo of the track in front me. The track ahead opened out into a highly exposed plateau known as Cradle Cirque before branching left and down towards Waterfall Hut or right and up onto Barn Bluff. Barn Bluff is a gigantic lonely looking […]
In The Cradle of God (6 of 8)
It was here I made a big mistake. After leaving the hut I didn’t ask Hiro to check that my pack was still in intact and equally he failed to notice that I had caught my strap on the door of the hut as I left, dislodging my sleeping bag. As we left the hut […]
In The Cradle of God (5 of 8)
Hiro and myself took the chance to rest for awhile and to regather our strength. I asked Hiro how he was feeling. He gave me the standard response. “Oh, very good.” We walked on and down the far side of Marion’s Lookout towards Kitchen Hut, our next target. The track soon levelled out on a […]
In The Cradle of God (4 of 8)
There were two other walkers at the top of the ridge. They asked us if we were Overland Trackers and wished us luck when we told them that we were. At around this point the brother and sister reached us. They took one look from the ridge and then continued walking after exchanging very brief […]
In The Cradle of God (3 of 8)
After completion of this task we wandered down to the edge of the lake to say farewell to our driver and take a last look at the starting end of the track. Our driver wished us a safe and successful trek before going back to his photography. With that we set out around the edge […]
In The Cradle of God (2 of 8)
The first couple were a slightly balding young man and a pretty girl with longish brown hair. They appeared to be in their mid-twenties and had enough similarities to suggest that they were brother and sister. (It turned out that I was correct and they were siblings but that wasn’t revealed to everyone else until […]
In The Cradle of God (1 of 8)
Rob Wilson started out on a six day hike of Tasman