Terje Raa Travel Articles

Barcelona…or Not
Barcelona…or Not Barcelona has been appointed the most dangerous city in the world when it comes to pickpocketing, writes Terje Raa in a reminder.
Sing Little Mermaid
Sing Little Mermaid My name is Zofia - I'm a Copenhagen girl midway in life, the main ingredient of which is music - usually a mix of jazz and pop - served in elegant wrapping and a clear voice, a whisper at times; constantly backed up by an active body language.
Oslo: Tiger City
Oslo: Tiger City Oslo has a nickname among Norwegians - Tiger City - an innocent reminder that scratches are inevitable when in the capital city. Terje Raa is there to investigate the Norwegian folk soul, a concept which is supposed to express some common attitudes
Timeless Copenhagen
Timeless Copenhagen The posh Frederiksberg - a municipality within and encircled by Copenhagen - boasts a City Hall of its own, near which there is a place where time has nearly stood still - Café Intime.
The Duke of Naxos – Greece
The Duke of Naxos – Greece History took a new turn on the Greek island of Naxos 800 years ago, as a Venetian diplomat, Marco Sanudo, in 1207 captured Naxos, along with other Cycladic islands, and turned them into a Duchy - hardly an anniversary that called for a celebration.
Denmark with a T
Denmark with a T Terje Raa takes a tour of Copenhagen with a new friend, transgender Malene, and learns about the struggles she faces in the city.
Valencia: Simply Smarter
Valencia: Simply Smarter The history of Valencia does contain the usual list of conquering forces up through the centuries, says Terje Raa - but one power was different and kept coming back, that was the power of water.
Copenhagen Jazz Fever
Copenhagen Jazz Fever Where is Orion Brass Band when they are supposed to do a street parade? A colleague waiting for the official opening of the Copenhagen Jazz Festival 2010, suggests they could be busy emptying small glasses in the bars along the route.
Warsaw’s Missing Beauty
Warsaw’s Missing Beauty How could an undeniably beautiful city like Warsaw be appointed the ugliest in Europe, asks Terje Raa
No Sea in Segovia, Spain
No Sea in Segovia, Spain The absence of the sea in inland Spain doesn't make its people abstain from a maritime vocabulary, says Terje Raa.