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Getting Away – Bangkok, Thailand
Getting Away Bangkok, Thailand Bangkok is the starting place for many trips, and there are just as many travel agencies throughout the city that want to help you. If you’d rather have the security of knowing how you’ll get there and where you’ll stay, try a package deal. If you want to save money, book […]
Getting a (Night)life – Bangkok, Thailand
Getting a (Night)life – Bangkok, Thailand Getting a (Night)life Bangkok, Thailand Khao San Road at nightphoto by Justin Holt Nightlife across Bangkok has something for everyone, whether you want to sip a few Singha beers at a pub on Khao San Road, dance at a trendy club along Sukhumvit Road or see something seedy in Patpong. I didn’t get out much […]
Getting Around – Bangkok, Thailand
Getting Around – Bangkok, Thailand Getting Around Bangkok, Thailand Bangkok can seem like a maze, but getting to know the public transportation options (and carrying a good map) will help you reach any destination. Also, take note: Vehicles in Thailand drive on the left side of the road. Self-Portrait in a Tuk-Tuk Tuk-tuks: This is one of the cheapest ways […]
Getting a Meal – Bangkok, Thailand
Getting a Meal Bangkok, Thailand Thai cuisine in Bangkok offers more choices than the usual pad thai or spring rolls, although those staples are found everywhere. The Thais like their food super spicy, so if you can’t handle the heat, learn to ask for less. “Mai chawp phet” (sounds like “my chop pet”) means “I […]
Getting Settled – Bangkok, Thailand
Getting Settled Bangkok, Thailand Bangkok has many Western conveniences (and convenience stores), so finding what you need in the city shouldn’t be too hard. Invest in a Thai phrase book if you’re afraid pointing won’t be enough to get what you want. Money: ATMs can be found on all major streets, including Khao San Road. […]
Getting a Room – Bangkok, Thailand
Getting a Room Bangkok, Thailand Looking for a place to lay your backpack? Bangkok has numerous options for the budget traveler. You can use BnA’s hostel finder to help before you go, but always ask to see the room before committing to buy if you’re just walking into a new place. Don’t overlook Web deals. […]
Getting There – Bangkok, Thailand
Getting There Bangkok, Thailand Although getting to Thailand involves hours crammed in an airplane, booking tickets shouldn’t be a pain. Check online for cheap fares, either through BnA or airline consolidators. We flew Philippine Airlines roundtrip from Los Angeles (LAX) to Bangkok International Airport (BKK) for $915, including taxes. Our flight went from L.A. to […]
Introduction – Bangkok, Thailand
Introduction Bangkok, Thailand Thailand is the perfect vacation destination if you’re young and broke but still want it all. If you don’t mind sleeping in cramped seats on a cross-country bus or staying at a guesthouse that has more charm than luxury, your wallet will thank you for spending a mere pittance on travel. You […]
The Golden Triangle – September 2001
Where’s that? Click here to find out. Click here for a map of the immediate area. Bugs, Bikes and Butterflies For those of you on a shoestring budget and a cast iron stomach or just a back to nature kinda dude or dudah (F), well, S.E. Asia is the place for you. For starters, bugs […]
Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand – Visas
Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand – Visas Because it’s incredibly easy and cheap to enter Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia from the North, this bit of information is vital. You will need it in Thailand. You already have a tourist visa…it’s valid for two months from the date of issue. This visa can be extended by one month in Thailand. In Chiang Mai, […]