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Cutesy Cabins – Petosky, Michigan, USA
Cutesy Cabins Petoskey, Michigan, USA Petoskey, Michigan Equipment: Changes of clothes, camera Time: 10 hours driving from Indianapolis, Indiana, 3-4 days there, 10 hours back Cost: $Very little but for souvenirs/ferry fare What does it mean to be approached by a man with his right hand held out in high-five position, the other hand pointing […]
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Blossom Music Center – Ohio, USA
Blossom Music Center Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, USA Blossom Music Center Driving Time: Just over six hours from Bloomington, Indiana Total Mileage: 350+ from Bloomington, Indiana For my birthday a few years ago, my very cool sister gave me two tickets to see the band Radiohead in concert. That was by far the best birthday present […]
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