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The Wild-West Highland Way #1
Monday 28th April Milngavie to Drymen – 12.5 miles Due to having to be at the airport early, I decided to stay at my brothers’ house. After an early wake-up, which was quickly followed by a huge breakfast lovingly cooked for me by my brother, we set off for Castle Donnington to catch our flight […]
The Wild-West Highland Way #8
Monday 5th MayThe Ascent of Ben Nevis – 4,406 feet (10 Miles) When I woke up, the first thing I did was to switch on the T.V. for the weather forecast. It was pretty dire, but the view from my window told a different story. It wasn’t too bad, and it was then that I […]
The Wild-West Highland Way #7
Sunday 4th MayKinlochleven to Fort William – 15 Miles I awoke at about five o’clock in the morning, the gentle sound of rain clattering fiercely against the window. At the appointed time we made our way downstairs to devour Drew’s wonderful breakfast. Two people were just setting off for Fort William, and we wished them […]
The Wild-West Highland Way #6
Saturday 3rd MayKingshouse to Kinlochleven – 9 Miles The sun was streaming through the windows this morning when we woke up. I made my way into the conservatory that is part of the breakfast area, and marvelled at the view. The tops of the mountains had mist streaming off them like spindrift, almost emulating Everest. […]
The Wild-West Highland Way #5
Friday 2nd MayTyndrum To Kingshouse (Glencoe) – 18.5 Miles No problem sleeping last night and we woke early, as planned, and went up to the Little Chef for breakfast. Colin wheeled the wheelbarrow with the money in, and we took our seats. I like lots of tea in the morning, so I thought ‘oh good’ […]
The Wild-West Highland Way #4
Thursday 1st MayInverarnan to Tyndrum – 12 Miles This morning broke clear, bright and warm. We could hear the Mare’s Tail waterfall gushing across the valley and looked forward to the prospect of good day’s walking. Jenny was nowhere to be seen this morning, so Frank was left to do us all breakfast. “Fry-ups all […]
The Wild-West Highland Way #3
Wednesday 30th AprilRowardennan to Inverarnan – 13.5 miles Col’ opened one eye. I fully expected him to grunt and turn over but much to his credit, he said he’d be with me in a minute and in a short while, we were feeling the dewy grass on our ankles as we made our way towards […]
The Wild-West Highland Way #2
Tuesday 29th AprilDrymen To Rowardennan – 13 Miles I sat waiting for breakfast with Mrs Ford’s friendly cat looking through the window at me and mewing loudly. It was a bit dull and raining a little outside, but not too bad. I was joined presently by Colin and Jurgen and we set about a very […]