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Canberra, ACT – May 1999
Canberra, ACT – May 1999 For many people in Australia, Canberra is an alternative way of spelling “boring”. They associate Canberra with the icons of political Australia, and this is what most tourists come to see. The most prominent of these being ‘Parliament House’, then come attractions such as the National Gallery, the National War Memorial and the completely man-made […]
Canberra, ACT – August 1999
Pub and Club Review This month in Canberra I am reviewing bars/pubs and clubs. I will start with my favorites. I am not a disco dancer so you will not find Aqua, Spice Girls, Chumbawumba, etc played at any of these. If you are interested in these, skip this bit and read a bit further […]
Canberra, ACT – October 1999
Well, here we are in the start of spring and Canberra is rather nice at the time of year. Perhaps not in comparison to other places but definitely in comparison to the total shittiness of winter here. The spring smell is in the air and lots of flowers are blooming. If you are a flower […]
Puerto Rico – Sept 99
Information on travel to Puerto Rico.