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Trans-Atlantic Travelogue #15
The Landing Gear is Out. Arrivederci!! Exeter, England September 5, 2001 Scoreboard: 13,345 miles; 7 Countries, 20 states Is there a 20,000 mile warranty on Papa’s Pumas? Ok, that’s it! We’re comin’ in. It’s been a long and glorious run, and it’s time to recharge the batteries for our next run. From Horsley we moved […]
Trans-Atlantic Travelogue #12 – Olivet, France
Trans-Atlantic Travelogue #12 – Olivet, France Every year on the summer solstice musicians gather in town squares and strut their stuff, due to the Minister of Culture. America should have a Minister of Culture, I hereby nominate Kurt Vonnegut.
Trans-Atlantic Travelogue #1 – Spokane, Washington, USA
Trans-Atlantic Travelogue #1 – Spokane, Washington, USA We're already behind schedule and over budget, but the excitement is really building and we're almost into the rhythm of the thing.
Trans-Atlantic Travelogue #13 – Olivet, France
Trans-Atlantic Travelogue #13 – Olivet, France Continued engine problems mean England will have to wait until mid-July. This leaves plenty of time for 500 Run Rummy and reading books.
Trans-Atlantic Travelogue #11
The Friendliest Campground in Europe Olivet, France June 13, 2001 Scoreboard: 12,175 miles; 6 Countries, 20 states I’m hardly a scientist, but I don’t like dealing in absolutes. Of course, the pinnacle of my formal education was law school where you are taught (if you listen well), “There is no law or truth, only judges.” […]
Trans-Atlantic Travelogue #9
We’re Saved by a Jehovah’s Witness Lourdes, France June 1, 2001 Scoreboard: 11,615 miles; 6 Countries, 20 states I’m sitting under the shade of a tree by a dark green French river Le Gave, in the shadow of the spectacular Basilique du Rosaire Crypte (cathedral), with a strong wind blowing leaves and tourists around. Lourdes […]
Trans-Atlantic Travelogue #10
We Blow Our Second Engine of the Tour, and Try to Drive to England Anyway La Fert Saint Aubain, France June 5, 2001 Scoreboard: 12,125 miles; 6 Countries, 20 states I’ve got to say this: We’re not having a great deal of luck in vehicle-related matters. Sweet Pea (the VW bus) blew most of her […]
Trans-Atlantic Travelogue #8
The Joker From Berlin Barcelona, Spain May 24, 2001 Scoreboard: 11,135 miles; 5 Countries, 20 states I admit that from the looks of the scoreboard, and the Trapp-tracker (map) it doesn’t look like we’ve done much this week…don’t be misled by unduly temperate readings. The Joker from BerlinClick on the image for a larger view […]
Trans-Atlantic Travelogue #7
We Disembark, are Accosted by Gypsies, and are Unable to Purchase a Car Due to Concerns Over Possible Terrorist Connections Barcelona, Spain May 16, 2001 Scoreboard: 11,100 miles; 5 Countries, 20 states Sundown on the Grandeur of the Seas The final days of the cruise blew by. Funchal, Malaga, Alicante…they were all nice, but we […]
Trans-Atlantic Travelogue #6
We Cross the Atlantic, Appear in a Talent Show and Listen to Jumpin’ Jack Flash Santa Cruz de Tenerife (Canary Islands) May 7, 2001 Scoreboard: 8680 miles; 3 Countries, 20 states Alexandra naps in a porthole After five days of nothing but beautiful water the crew and passengers are getting a bit restless, and things […]