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Trans-Atlantic Travelogue #4
Death of an Engine, but Spring finally catches us by Train near Homestead (near Miami), Florida, USA April 22, 2001 Scoreboard: 4800 miles, 20 states Motel fever sets in. Amelia assumes the personae of “The Toilet Paper Mummy” in Nanuet. Our trip to New York turned out to be fairly successful, after all. The editor […]
Trans-Atlantic Travelogue #3
Trouble in New York Nanuet, New York (of course, vulgar out-of-towners like ourselves think we’re in New York City) April 16, 2001 As I write these lines we have a loaded down station wagon in the parking lot that won’t start (the VW van won’t materialize until we get to Europe). Instead of turning on […]
Trans-Atlantic Travelogue #5
We Take to the High Seas, and Eat a Lot St. Thomas, Virgin Islands May 1, 2001 Scoreboard: 6000 miles; 2 Countries, 20 states The last week in Miami was almost too relaxing. We’ve been on the road for more than a month now, we think we’re authentic gypsies, you can’t just hand us a […]
Trans-Atlantic Travelogue #2
Yellowstone, the Gilded Coral Snail and 2120 South Michigan Avenue Willoughby, Ohio April 8, 2001 Scoreboard: 10 states I have to start this installment with a confession. When I first wake up I’m an idiot. For 45 minutes or so I can’t comprehend the most basic concepts, can’t carry on a decent conversation, mess up […]
Trans-Atlantic Travelogue #14
We Cross the Channel!, Lose our Passports, and Come to a Rest Near a Plethora of Lily Pads! East Horsley, England August 5, 2001 Scoreboard: 12,835 miles; 7 Countries, 20 states; 2 automobiles and a like number of blown engines, 3 ferries, 1 cruise ship, 4 trains, 1 hired van, 1 rented car, 9 taxicabs, […]