Trisha Sng Travel Articles

The Year of Living Differently #30: From Here to Eternity – La Habana, Cuba to Los Angeles, USA
Trisha has finally completed her RTW trip, but it is not the end, merely the beginning.
The Year of Living Differently #29: There’s Something About Money – Cancun, Mexico to La Habana, Cuba
Trisha realised the power of money in the Cuban economy, and also discovered that Che Guevara was one spooky dude without his beard.
The Year of Living Differently #28: I-Wonder-Where-Land – Buenos Aires, Argentina to Mexico City, Mexico
With the help of some Singaporean friends living in Mexico City, Trisha was able to ease some of her cravings for food from home.
The Year of Living Differently #27: Farewell, My Amigos – Arica to Calama, Chile
The altiplano is no place for smelly shoes in an overnight bus. Up here, fresh air is rare. Trisha suffered an attack of the Shoeless Ninja.
The Year of Living Differently #26: Mission Inca-Kola – Arica, Chile to Lima, Peru
Trisha crossed over into Peru thinking of the violent robbery from her last visit. And paying attention to her instinct protected her from a similar, or worse, situation this time.
The Year of Living Differently #24: Planet of the Asados – Vina del Mar, Chile to Mendoza, Argentina
Only the Argentinians know how how to make a real asado and Trisha enjoyed several with the locals on her return to Argentina.
The Year of Living Differently #25: Run Llama Run – Tafi del Valle to Cafayate, Argentina
Visiting Quebrada de Los Conchas in the late afternoon was one of the best things Trisha had done in Argentina. But she also got excited by all the llamas she saw.
The Year of Living Differently #23: Trish vs. the Volcano – Castro (Chiloe Island), Chile
Trisha learns the first rule of mountaineering on the slopes of Volcano Villarrica: Never walk alone.
The Year of Living Differently #22: (Nearly) Gone With the Wind – Puerto Natales to Torres del Paine, Chile
Trisha wonders if Torres del Paine was a mis-print. It should have been Torres del PAIN after the rain, slippery rocks and incessant wind took their toll.
The Year of Living Differently #20: The Great Stain Robbery – Buenos Aires, Argentina
Trisha and her friends fell victim to the famous stain-and-distract trick. She lost her camera and felt like she should walk around with a STUPID sign on her forehead.