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Trekking Tigers in the Wild – India, Asia
Trekking Tigers in the Wild – India, Asia Uday Patel is our personal guide in wildlife safaris and tiger trekking expeditions in India's tiger reserves.
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An Elephant Gone Mad – India, Asia

An elephant in musth goes berserk in the absence of his keeper. Two innocent lives are lost due to an officer’s greed. Uday Patel tells the story.

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Author Bio for BootsnAll Writer – Uday Patel
Uday Patel is from the state of Madhya Pradesh. He has a deep interest in wildlife, bird watching and travel; these turned him into a freelance writer. Although he writes about travel and wildlife, he has also written on other subjects. His favorite destinations are Bandhavgarh, Kanha and Pench tiger reserves; prime tiger safari parks […]
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