Ukraine Travel Articles

Bonus Year #4: Carpathia
Updated: September 8, 2001 Carpathia, Ukraine The past six days have represented a serious departure from my activities up to this point. Well before dawn (3am!) on the morning of September 2nd, Paul and I awoke and grabbed a taxi to the Lviv train station. Our destination was Ivano-Frankivsk, where we would meet our guide, […]
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Bonus Year #3: Lviv, Ukraine
Updated: September 6, 2001 Lviv, Ukraine Every time I sit down to write about my experiences here, whether for this site or just to friends, it feels like two weeks have elapsed. Only once I start cataloguing everything that's actually happened in my mind do I realize that it's been a matter of a few […]
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Bonus Year #2
August 26, 2001 Kyiv, Ukraine I spend a lot of time planning my travel. I love to pore over Lonely Planet guides as if they were the bible and I a devout acolyte. I surf the internet, monitor message boards, talk to my friends, and do virtually everything in human power to prepare for my […]
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