United Kingdom Nutz and Bolts Travel Articles

Derbyshire: Backward and Quaint, Like a Charming Old Goat – Derbyshire, England
Tom Adams waxes poetic about Derbyshire, its history, passion for sports and verdant dales.
Where to Stay and Eat in Belfast – Belfast, Northern Ireland
David Wilkening shares his favorite spots in Belfast.
N. Ireland Oddities – Northern Ireland
David Wilkening reflects on interesting Northern Ireland facts.
A Good Night’s Sleep in Affordable London Lodging – London, England
A Good Night’s Sleep in Affordable London Lodging – London, England home_jan22_london.jpgSleep like a king in London, without Henry
Grub and Goodies – Edinburgh, Scotland
Kate Cypcar tells you where to chow down - and find a drink afterward.
Lay Down Your Head – Edinburgh, Scotland
Looking for a place to crash? Kate Cypcar will send you in the right direction.
Background and Basic Info – Edinburgh, Scotland
Kate Cypcar introduces the Old and New of Edinburgh.
Getting to – and Around – Edinburgh – Edinburgh, Scotland
Kate Cypcar dishes the dirt on transportation in Edinburgh, along with local services.
London, England – April 2001
A Walking Tour of "the City" I often find visitors only venture into the City to see the Tower and St Paul’s, yet it is my favorite part of London. I take all of my guests along this route, as it provides a good feel for the "City" (the financial centre and oldest part of […]
United Kingdom Travel Facts
The Basics Country: United Kingdom Where is it: United Kingdom is located in western Europe, islands including the northern one-sixth of the island of Ireland between the North Atlantic Ocean and the North Sea, northwest of France. Why do people go here: Scotland, N. Ireland, Wales and England have millions of visitors each year who […]