Utah Things to see and do Travel Articles

Diverse Utah – Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
When you visit Salt Lake City, these places should be the first ones on your list of things to see and do.
Snowbird Spaaaah – Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
Not a skiier and looking to relax in Salt Lake City? Deb Miller lets you know how to do it for cheap.
A Ski Novice Discovers Utah – Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
Sonia Laflamme hits the slopes for the first time - and discovers all the fun that comes with it.
Arches National Park, Utah
Delicate Arch Arches National Park is one of the shining jewels of Utah, offering the most astounding and diverse natural red rock formations in the United States. Situated on top of a huge underground salt bed, Arches was formed by a combination of extreme temperatures, shifting unstable earth below, and 100 million years of erosion […]
Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah – July 1999
Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah – July 1999 Hoodoo – a pillar of rock, usually of fantastic shape, sculpted by erosion. These are what Bryce Canyon is all about. Hoodoos. Lots of them. In all kinds of crazy and beautiful shapes, sizes and colors. The park is basically comprised of a long road that connects a series of breathtaking vistas. This is the […]
Zion National Park, Utah – July 1999
The canyons of Zion were a holy place to the Paiute Indians. When the canyon was later settled by Mormon pioneers, they gave holy names to this land. When you enter Zion National Park, it’s easy to see why. Fed by the waters of the Virgin River, Zion is an oasis in a vast desert […]
Escalante National Monument, Utah
The Escalante National Monument is a gigantic, rugged, almost untamed desert wilderness. Most of it is extremely remote and accessable by 4WD only. I was not planning to go there, however a group of people I met while hiking the Zion narrows convinced me there were some things to see. What can I say: when […]