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Veracruz, Mexico – August 2000
Veracruz, Mexico – August 2000 It seems that July is the warmest month here in Veracruz. This is the first year in many that I have not taken a vacation outside of Mexico during July (now I know why I usually do). The mango harvest and season is pretty much over. The Santa Ana Fiesta wrapped up last weekend in […]
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Veracruz, Mexico – July 2000
Veracruz, Mexico – July 2000 Sorry it has been a little while since the last dispatch from here in Veracruz. We are now into the rainy season along with soaring temperatures and humidity. Something to remember when visiting the city of Veracruz is to be sure to leave enough time in your schedule (make it a “flexible tropical” schedule) to […]
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Veracruz, Mexico – October 1999
Sorry about not having updated you on Veracruz for quite some time. Things have been happening here (believe it or not) and some for the worse rather than the better! Road Conditions I had the opportunity to drive from Veracruz to Toronto, Ontario between July and August. The Mexican Coast Highway #180, which stretches from […]
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