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What Time do We Get There? – Venice, Italy and Vienna, Austria
Tour guide, Katy Hyslop, describes this not-your-average train journey, and certainly not one she'd want to repeat, but it's a great bar story.
Following Street Performers in Vienna – Vienna, Austria
Following Street Performers in Vienna – Vienna, Austria home_july15_street.jpgCurious about th
Valiant Vienna – Vienna, Austria
Valiant Vienna – Vienna, Austria Leif Pettersen gives his take on finding a hostel
European Travelogue #9: Vienna, Austria
A place of culture and refinement.
European Tour, My Own Way #2: Brussels, Vienna – Belgium and Austria
Quick stops in Amsterdam and Brussels before the train to Austria's capital.
Vienna, Austria
Vienna Vienna is the cultural centre of Europe with lots of museums, sights and famous places to visit. It is located in the eastern part of Austria (map). Getting There We drove into Vienna from Salzburg along the A1 main autobahn. A fast and efficient means of getting to the capital. Vienna is also well […]