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Washington, DC – Good Food on 7th Street
Visitors to Washington quickly notice the total absence of good food around the monuments and museums. The only options on the Mall are vending trucks selling hots dogs and other junk at outrageous prices. Fortunately, the situation is not as bleak as it first appears. Good food is not far away up Seventh Street. Seventh […]
Way Out Wicklow
In preparation for the Sahara hike in November, I decided to do an Irish hike in July. Coming with me was my friend Mick (he calls me Mick, I call him Mick – and we know where we are), who is one of those lunatics who actually enjoy this sort of thing! Day One Mick’s […]
Washington, DC – July 2000
The oppressive humidity is here just like every summer in Washington. Also present are the masses of tourists that regularly hit the city once school’s over. Yet there are still plenty of good reasons to pay the Capital a visit. The Smithsonian Folk Festival starts June 23 and runs to July 4. The festival, which […]
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Washington, DC – February 2000
Washington, DC – February 2000 Cooling your heels in D.C. How do you find the inspiration to write two pages filled with all the neat stuff to do in your city when it is 7° out? My first instinct is to stay indoors, light up the fireplace, open a bottle of red wine and load up a movie (aka hibernation). […]
Washington, DC – Mercedes Pick of the Best Sites in DC
Washington, DC – Mercedes Pick of the Best Sites in DC Day One You’ll need rugged walking boots for this marathon. Take the Blue/Orange Line to Foggy Bottom – GW metro stop. When you get out of the metro make a left and walk about 6 blocks and you are on your way. Begin at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial then onto the Lincoln, Korean, Franklin D. […]
Washington, DC – Hot Nights on the Town, the Mercedes Way
18th Street Lounge (metro red line to Dupont Circle) Very hip, three level, renovated town house where velvet sofas abound, colorful rooms and very, very hip international music. 18th Street and Connecticut Avenue – get there before 9pm to avoid $10 cover charge. Sesto Senso (metro red line to Dupont Circle) Where all the “International […]
Washington, DC – Food and Drink in Washington DC
Cheap Bites (Courtesy of: Washingtonian.com) A&J Restaurant: 1319 Rockville Pike, Rockville, MD Very good northern Chinese food served in a cheerful if spare little dining room. Don’t miss the shredded pork and mustard green soup, beef dumplings or cold salads. Credit cards aren’t accepted, and no alcohol is served. Bardia’s New Orleans Cafe 2412 18th […]
Washington, DC – October 1999
Washington, DC – October 1999 The tourists are gone, the city is calm and the slight chill in the air is a sure sign that autumn is at our doorstep. If you are itching to get away then this is the month you can enjoy Washington to its fullest, minus all the madness and mayhem of summer. Temperatures hover in […]
Washington, DC – September 1999
In a Blink of an Eye Summer is coming to an end and the tourists are heading out. Washingtonians are scrambling to the beaches in a last ditch effort to work on their summer tans, and the city is gearing up for the spectacular fall show. All summer long I’ve given you lots of FREE […]