Western Europe Nutz and Bolts Travel Articles

Tips for Dublin – Dublin, Ireland
Mandie Diez offers tips to enjoying Dublin.
Finding Your Way Around Paris – Paris, France
Arriving and getting around the capital of France.
Introduction to Paris – Paris, France
City of lights, hotbed of revolution, home of unfriendly people and stinky cheeses: Paris defies easy description.
Sixth Largest City in Germany – Dortmund, Germany
Dortmund is the sixth largest city in German, which loosely translates to mean it's the biggest German city you never heard of.
Corsica – Why is it still so beautiful? – Corsica
Peter Horrocks answers why Corisca is still so undeveloped and how it retains its natural beauty.
Learning Italian in the Real Italy – Mogliano, Le Marche Region, Italy
As Caroline Cowan learns, while Italians do most things that everyone else does: eat, drink, work, shop, they do it all with unique Italian style.
Made in the Shade – Venice, Veneto, Italy
Relax at the places the locals enjoy in Venice.
Dinner and Bed in Barcelona – Barcelona, Spain
Stuff yourself silly and then go to bed!
Introduction to Barcelona – Barcelona, Spain
Kate Cypcar has background info, how to get around, and local services in Barcelona.
Grub and Goodies – Edinburgh, Scotland
Kate Cypcar tells you where to chow down - and find a drink afterward.