William Robertson Travel Articles

Johannesburg, South Africa – August 1999
The first (small) signs of Spring are here, but it’s still going to be cold nights, so don’t forget your woolen underwear. One of the toughest things about writing this page, is that nothing actually changes very much from month to month in Johannesburg. This is probably true anywhere, which is a pretty good reason […]
Johannesburg, South Africa – July 1999
The election is over, the ANC won, (mostly) and we have a new president. The election was, in a word, boring. It’s so WEIRD! The really cool bit is that it makes a lie of “One man, one vote, ONCE!” It’s hopefully an indicator to some people to the North of how it’s SUPPOSED to […]
Johannesburg, South Africa – June 1999
Not much has changed since last month: we’re starting to accelerate into election mode, (our 2nd democratic elections) so a sort of gentle hysteria is building, along with weerd political slogans & promises. The oddest incident to date is the ANC having to withdraw a poster because it was deemed racist! Madiba, (AKA Nelson Mandela) […]
Johannesburg, South Africa May 1999
Johannesburg, South Africa May 1999 Generally speaking, Backpackers only stop in Johannesburg because they HAVE to! (It’s a long haul from Harare to Cape Town.) Fairly recently, a reporter approached one of the Tourist Bureaux, and asked what there was to see. The reply was fairly typical: “Well….there’s Eastgate…” Eastgate is a Shopping Mall. Johannesburg has got to be one […]