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Acapulco Travel Guide – Transport
Acapulco Travel Guide – Transport Taxis Very few Acapulco taxis have meters, so settle the fare before you get in. The basic rate is 25 pesos for an ‘average’ ride: if your trip starts and ends on either side of the big flagpole in front of Papagayo Park, the fare should be about twenty-five pesos. […]
Introduction to Taxco – Taxco, Mexico
Introduction to Taxco – Taxco, Mexico Taxco, Mexico Introduction to Taxco When the journey from Mexico City to Acapulco took a couple of days, Taxco was a stopping place on the two-lane highway. The superhighway bypassed Taxco in the 1950's, and the newer freeway (Autopista del Sol) reduced the journey to a few hours. The town of 90,000 people, which clings […]
Acapulco Travel Guide – Shopping
Shopping There are dozens of little markets scattered about the city, but almost anything you might want in the way of Mexican handicrafts is probably available at a reasonable price in Sanborns, where you can use your credit cards. The D.I.F. (Family Development Agency) operates a small shop just west of the Oceanic 2000 Tower […]
Acapulco, Mexico – September 2000
Acapulco's "Little Season" – the holiday Mexicans take just before school starts – is over and the city is virtually deserted. It will probably stay that way until the Canadians come en masse in December and the Americans follow in January. We're in the rainy season now, which means that it rains occasionally during the […]
Acapulco – Transport
How to Get There Bus The bus stations (there are several) are all near downtown, mostly on Avenida Cuauhtémoc, which is only a couple of blocks from the beachfront drive, the Costera. You can find a number of economical hotels on Cuauhtémoc or take a taxi to the hotel of your choice. Air The international […]
Acapulco – Restaurants
On the Escenica (Scenic Drive from Airport to town) Luxury Madeira’s (overlooking bay; best food in town) Superior Kookaburra (Australian) Casa Nova (very expensive; nice view) Costa Azul (eastern end of the Bay) Luxury La Casa del Steak (off the Costera near Convention Center) Superior Fersato’s (Mexican food – but not “Tex-Mex”) Pipo’s (where Acapulqueños […]
Acapulco – History
The Spanish conquistadors, searching for a southern port, found the fishing village of Acapulco four months after the fall of México City in 1521. Acapulco – the name is Nahuátl – means "place of reeds" and is virtually the only natural port south of San Francisco. For 250 years Spain's trade with the Orient, carried […]
Acapulco – Accommodation
Hotels in Acapulco Airport Several luxury hotels – the Fairmont Princess, the Mayan Palace, and the Pierre Marqués are near the airport but transportation into Acapulco is expensive. As you enter the bay area from the airport, you pass another luxury hotel, Las Brisas. It has an excellent view of the Bay, but unfortunately lacks […]
Acapulco, Mexico – May 2000
May Holy Week brings a horde of tourists down from México City, and I’d advise against coming to Acapulco during the week before or after Easter Sunday. But that’s the ideal time to visit México City, for most businesses are closed and people are out of town (and here). We expect relatively few visitors durng […]