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So You Want to Mine Coal: Gebo, Wyoming – Gebo, Wyoming, USA
So You Want to Mine Coal: Gebo, Wyoming – Gebo, Wyoming, USA November 2001 – Wyoming Ghost Towns So You Want to Mine Coal: Gebo, Wyoming Gebo’s graveyard reveals the miners’ struggle. He was exploited, worked long dangerous hours underground; meager pay fed his family; social security didn’t exist; labor laws were practically non-existent – and a canary provided life insurance. Think of him when modern office […]
October 2001 – Sweetwater, Part I – Wyoming Ghost Towns
Autumn Gold in the Sweetwater Mining District,Part I Head frame and main shaft building above one of many abandoned South Pass City area mines. Gold exists in two forms: material and spiritual. During Wyoming’s early years the former attracted miners westward in hopes of striking it rich. Today however, the towns these hardy folks established […]
Japan’s WW II Balloon Bombing of Western National Forests – Wyoming Ghost Towns
WW II’s Casper Army Air Field kept watch in Wyoming. An abandoned gunnery range tower still stands. Riverton, Wyoming September 11, 2001 and December 7, 1941: dates that will live in infamy. Like its 1940s counterpart the September World Trade Center and U.S. Pentagon terrorist bombings have jolted Americans into reality. As with the Japanese […]
Cheyenne, Wyoming
Hell on Wheels or Magic City of the Plains? Either