Yosemite Travel Articles

Hiking Half Dome
Hiking Half Dome Trevor Mogg endures a harrowing hike in one of the States' most beautiful national parks - Yosemite.
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Yosemite National Park – Summer 2001
Summer has just begun in most of the country, but it seems like late summer already in Yosemite National Park. The wildflowers have already peaked at 8500 feet in Tuolomne Meadows, so you’ll have to hike uphill if you want to see the glorious colors. There are lots of wonderful spots to recommend, so kick […]
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Yosemite National Park – Spring 2001
Spring has arrived several weeks early this year in Yosemite. The waterfalls are already at their peak, so don’t wait until May or June – get to the park ASAP. The regular vacation crowds won’t arrive until mid-May, so during the next six weeks you have a great opportunity to enjoy the magnificent waterfalls, sheer […]
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