The Practical Nomad Guide To The Online Travel Marketplace

The Practical Nomad Guide To The Online Travel Marketplace

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If an award were to be given to one of the most complete and informative guides pertaining to the topic of the Internet and travel, Edward Hasbrouck’s book entitled The Practical Nomad Guide To The Online Travel Marketplace would probably merit nomination.

This softbound guide is particularly useful to the novice who may have little experience in surfing the net when it comes to the subject matter of travel. The book is authored by Edward Hasbrouck and published by Avalon Travel. Edward Hasbrouck is one of the world’s best known authorities on around-the-world travel as previously exemplified by one of his other books entitled The Practical Nomad: How to Travel Around the World.

He is also an expert on international airfares and this expertise is certainly illustrated in the The Practical Nomad Guide To The Online Travel Marketplace concerning the topic of air travel arrangements.

One of the most noteworthy features about the publication is that within every chapter we have a brief resumé of the principal topics dealt within the respective sections.

Another excellent element of the book is its division into five main topics: research, reservations and purchasing, consumer protection, using the Internet while travelling, and finally, references. No doubt these matters should be the traveller’s main concerns when using the Internet as a tool when planning a trip. This should be the global picture of how to use the Internet when it comes to travel.

The usefulness of the tips and information presented by the author can best be exemplified if we only refer to the chapter pertaining to the evaluation of web sites. Hasbrouck most aptly points out to his readers that many of the travel sites are nothing more than infomercials. Furthermore, there are sites where the research is very sloppy and often the authors of these sites have never been to any of the countries or cities they are writing about. This observation should give us something to ponder over when we are viewing any travel site.

Another useful insight made by the author is that we should combine research tools. In other words, we are given step-by-step guidelines as to what resources are available on the net and how best to use these resources when planning our trips. We are advised that a combination of search engines, web directories as well as newsgroups should all be implemented in order to secure maximum results. All of these resources are fully described and explained to the reader.

We are also informed as to what kinds of travel research are best done on the Internet. Very often we tend to waste a good deal of time researching the Internet for the best deal when in fact it is far better to contact a good travel agent who very often can offer us something that is not found on the Internet. I have had this experience many a time when I tried to track down the best airfare, when in fact it was my travel agent who gave me the best deal. Why? Because the travel agents have access to some resources that can never be found on any travel site.

When we do reach our destinations there is always the matter of keeping in touch with home. Where do we locate Internet connections? The suggestions given in the chapter dealing with this topic are of great practical use, especially for those of us who do not have the foggiest idea as to where to look for Internet accessibility.

There are many more useful tidbits scattered throughout the book, such as security and credit cards, consumer protection laws, fraud and scams, background information about destinations, Usenet Newsgroups. These topics are vital and important in understanding the methodology in using the Internet as a tool in planning our trips.

This is a guide well worth every penny, particularly for those of us who may not be fully cognizant of the full value of the Internet. Perhaps we should rename the book Internet Travel 101!

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