Country: Turkmenistan

Population: 5,097,028

Capital: Ashgabat

Time Zone: UTC+5

Currency Name: Turkmen manat (TMM)

Government Type: republic; authoritarian presidential rule, with little power outside the executive branch

Languages: Turkmen 72%, Russian 12%, Uzbek 9%, other 7%

Ethnic Breakdown: Turkmen 85%, Uzbek 5%, Russian 4%, other 6%

Religion: Muslim 89%, Eastern Orthodox 9%, unknown 2%

Major Cities: Ashgabat

Phone Country Code: 993

Health Concerns:

Official Tourism Website:

High Travel Season: June - August

Voltage: 220 V - 50 Hz

Electrical Plug Type: b, f

Major Holidays: January 1 (New Year's Day), January 12 (Remembrance Day), February 12 (National Flag Day), March 8 (Women's Day), March 20 (Turkmen New Year), May 8 (Heroes' Day), May 9 (Victory Day), May 18 (Constitution Day), October 6 (Remembrance Day), Ramadan, October 27-28 (Independence Day), December 12 (Neutrality Day)

Misc Fact / Good to Know: Turkmenistan dictator Saparmurat Atayevich Niyazov outlawed gold teeth and beards, as well as named several months and days of the week after family members.