3 Pieces of Advice for New Travelers

It’s the last day of the 2015 Indie Travel Challenge.  We’ve had a great time meeting everyone and reading and sharing your answers.  We’ve learned a lot from you and hope you learned too.   So for the final question, we are asking:

Nov 30 - question


Here are Dani’s 3 pieces of advice for new travelers:


1. Smile and Laugh.  A lot. 

Travel is fun, it’s exciting.  Don’t be afraid to smile and laugh at things you like.  Smiles and laughter are one of the few universal expressions – so even when you can’t use words, a smile and a friendly chuckle is all you need.


2. Stay Curious.

When you are curious you learn. Go into travel with specific things you want to know more about, then seek them out.  Travel is the best education so use it.  And if you ever start to feel ‘blah’, try something new. New experiences and respark curiosity, and curiosity sparks you to try new experiences. It’s a pretty cool cycle to be a part of.  


3. Travel Slow.

When you stay in a place longer, you make more meaningful connections with people, have more time to discover local treasures, have the time to learn new skills and language, and you really get to know the culture and vibe of a place.  Slow travel is also much easier on your budget.

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