5 Haunted Destinations Around the World, 6 Great Places to Move Abroad, The Secret to Getting More From Any Trip, and Totally Awkward Solo Travel Situations

Happy November! This week on Bootsnall we’ve got a piece on haunted places from around the world from Cherrye Moore to celebrate Halloween and all of the travelers out there who enjoy scarier destinations year-round, suggestions for 6 great places to start your life abroad and how to use stopovers to get more out of any trip from Adam Seper, and finally Brooke Schoenman on the many awkward situations that can come up while solo traveling and how to deal.

Top 5 Haunted Places Around the World

Want an extra thrill with your next trip? Cherrye Moore recommends a tour of one the top 5 haunted destinations around the world.

“Some of these places – haunted vaults, creepy crime scenes and suicidal forests  – are enough to make even the most fearless travelers reconsider their trip for ‘safer’ destinations. Put them together and you’ve got yourself one heck of a fright fest. So grab your flashlight and running shoes and get ready because here are five of the most haunted and bloodcurdling locations in the world. Are you brave enough to tour one?”

6 Great Places for Expats to Move Abroad

Dreaming about packing up and living abroad, but not really sure where to go? Adam Seper has a few destination suggestions for would-be expats.

“If you’re looking for a vibrant culture that puts a priority on activities like dancing, eating, and a relaxed and laid back lifestyle, then Colombia is the place for you.  Medellin and Bogota are the best places to go if you’re looking for a strong expat community.  While Colombia still lags behind more popular expat destinations like Costa Rica and Thailand, more and more people are considering it for their expat adventures.”

The Stopover Secret: How to Get the Most Out of Any Trip

What do you know about stopovers? Did you know that with many itineraries, you can stopover in certain cities for a few days with little change to your budget (you can sometimes even add an extra flight for less!)? Adam Seper shares how stopovers can help you get more from any trip.

“Many airlines offer stopovers for free or a nominal fee, it just might take a bit of digging to find out how to do it.  You can find some information on airline websites, but often a call is necessary.  While travel agents aren’t all the rage anymore, this is a time when one can come in handy.  Travel agents know the ins and outs of the airline industry and will be able to tell you if stopping over in a certain destination is feasible. Keep in mind that national airlines are the most likely to allow stopovers in their home country.  For example, Emirates Airlines cover UAE, British Airways cover London, Singapore Air covers Singapore.”

14 Totally Awkward Solo Travel Situations and How to Cope

Sometimes solo travel gets uncomfortable. Brooke Schoenman and some of our favorite travel bloggers share awkward experiences they’ve had traveling on their own, and what to do if you find yourself in a similar situation.

“You try to communicate with a pharmacist to get some medicine, and it results in charades. Depending on the illness or the affected body part, this could get really embarrassing…Here’s where a phrase book really comes in handy. Write down the problem in the local language, or ask an English-speaking local at your hostel to do so for you. Another good tip: bring some basic medical supplies so you don’t have to go the pharmacist for something minor.”

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