A Day in the Life: New Zealand, Working Holiday Visas in Australia, Solo Travel: Pros and Cons, 8 Small Towns in New Zealand the Guidebooks Ignore

October’s drawing to a close and in the northern hemisphere we’re well into fall. But in the Southern Hemisphere, it’s Spring, although in New Zealand in particular it’s a time of year locals will tell you to expect 4 seasons in one day. This week on BootsnAll, Jenn Miller‘s taking us to New Zealand for a day spent exploring the spectacular scenery with her family, and sharing a guide to 8 small towns there that you’ve probably never heard of, but should visit anyway, Julie Blakely‘s got all of the details on how to pay your way around Australia with a working holiday visa, and JoAnna Haugen advises on the advantages and disadvantages of going it alone on the road.

A Day in the Life: New Zealand

New Zealand fjords
What’s a day in New Zealand really like? Jenn Miller shares her experience exploring green hills, fern forests, fjords and gemstone beaches with her family.

“Long, pristine beaches with a rainbow of white, brown, and black sand lay like a ruffle along the hem of the island, the fancy fringe on an ancient elegance. Smoking thermal pools and the occasional snow topped mountain presiding over the steel blue of Lake Taupo round out one of the most diverse landscapes we’ve had the privilege of exploring.”

Working Holiday Visas in Australia and How It All Works

Sydney, Australia
The age limit for Australia’s famous working holiday visa program’s about to be extended to 35, and it’s definitely something you should consider. BootsnAll’s Julie Blakely’s just returned from Australia with all the details of how you can make a living while you travel in Oz.

“With plenty of good paying jobs (mostly on farms or in the service/tourism industry), there are a ton of great opportunities for those looking to pick up some work to fund their adventures as they travel. In fact, with fruit-picking jobs and the like offering nearly $17/hour, just a few months of work could fund several more months of gallivanting around the islands off the Queensland coast, hopping over to New Zealand and trouble-making all around Oz.”

Solo Travel: The Pros and Cons

Solo Travel: Pros and Cons
Considering a solo trip? Expert JoAnna Haugen weighs in on the reasons why (and why not) traveling alone may be for you.

“I couldn’t possibly spend another night sharing a hostel room with Amanda, who insisted on sleeping naked between the dirty sheets of the rented bed. Having a travel partner had, in the past, proven to be beneficial and fun, but I was definitely questioning whether on this trip I would have been better off on my own.”

8 Small Towns in New Zealand the Guidebooks Ignore

North Island, New Zealand

There’s far more to see in New Zealand than Auckland, Christchurch, filming locations from Lord of the Rings, and Milford Sound. Jenn Miller shares 8 off-the-beaten-path destinations around New Zealand’s North and South Islands worth renting a car and venturing away from the main tourist trail.

“Hawkes Bay encompasses the towns of Napier, Hastings,  Havelock North & Wairoa. Of these, Napier is the biggest and it’s fun to visit for a look at its signature Art Deco architecture that was built in the 30s after a major earthquake. Each of these little towns is worth some time, and be sure that wherever you stay, it’s on the beach. Walk for miles and enjoy the pristine coastline.”

Photo Credits: Christopher Meder, Taras Vyshnya, Sutichak, Stanislav Fosenbauer.

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