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I’m going to be perfectly blunt here – tackling the topic of a “special someone” or a “love affair” in a public forum when one is married is… Well, it’s not to be taken lightly, let’s just say that. Prior to meeting my husband, I wasn’t the person who had flings when I traveled, so there’s not even a story from the way-back machine I can call upon. Instead, then, I’m going to write about the very first thing that came to mind when I read today’s prompt. It’s not a person, or a particular instance, but a feeling I think we experience more often when we travel.

It’s a feeling of possibility.

Travel gives us the opportunity to live life differently than we do at home. It invites us to explore other customs, foreign cultures, and those roads we haven’t taken. I do this in a very mundane sense every time I look at a doorway, a window, or a path that leads out of sight. What’s on the other side of that door, or around that corner? I don’t have to find out in order to find the question intriguing – and, in fact, sometimes it’s more fun if I never find out the truth.

Such is the case with those momentary love affairs we have – in our minds – with the people we meet while traveling. Who among us hasn’t locked eyes with someone beautiful on a crowded train or bus, when in a moment that lasts hours you contemplate the possibilites? Who has never had a deep conversation with another traveler passing through and wondered “what if?”

You don’t have to follow a path to find it intriguing.

Can you do this without travel? Of course – but when you’re stuck in a familiar routine, “possibility” doesn’t often enter the equation. It takes something unexpected to wake up our receptors, and I can’t think of a more reliable way to experience the unexpected on a regular basis than by traveling.

Knowing I won’t make a life with that mysterious man on the train doesn’t stop my mind from wandering, nor does it disappoint me. It’s simply the permission to imagine, to give possibility the keys to my brain for awhile, that’s satisfying.

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Prompt #21: Love Affair

When we travel, our senses are heightened. We feel more alive and we’re more free to do things we might not at home. We can be who we want. There’s an air of urgency to everything we do – we know our time here, in this place, and with these people, is limited. If we want to do something, we have to do it now. It’s no wonder then that many travelers have relationships on the road. Tell us about a “special someone” you met while traveling.

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