What is ‘Adapting over Micromanaging’ and Why is it Important?

“The best part of travel is the journey”

“Go with the flow”

Sayings like these reinforce that travel is unpredictable and we have to learn to let go and adapt to situations rather than micromanage them.  But why?

Nov 29 questions


Today on the 2015 Indie Travel Challenge Dani admits:

“I am totally bipolar when it comes to this travel value.

Somedays I have zero problem when I’m vaguely told, “You should meet my friend at the metro stop”, then waiting at said stop until some kid asks, “Dani?” and I end up in a car with a bunch of strangers I can’t communicate with, to go somewhere, with some people, to do something.  

A situation that would put most people on high alert I have no problem ‘going with the flow’ on.   (I ended up somewhere in or around Medellin at a band’s rehearsal).

Other times the 8-seat restaurant that I like is full for breakfast and I feel myself on the verge of a full blown temper tantrum.

It’s when I have my mind set on something, or have an idea of how I think things should go that if things change, I freak out.  I have no problem with transportation delays, or large scale things because I prep myself by expecting everything to go awry.  I’ve learned that ticket checkers to pilots and drivers have no more control over weather or mechanical issues than I  – so I don’t care.  I just make sure to have a book with me.

But when I get into one of those ‘pre-micromanaged’ situations that don’t go exactly as planned (over what is essentially my inability to get my way or have full control) I have to make a conscious effort to relax.  When I feel my inner ‘stomp feet and pout’ toddler welling up I have to remind myself to take a breath and ask, “Will this matter in 10 year? Will this matter in 10 minutes?”

I’ve never answered “yes” to either.

None of us are perfect and we all have different values we wish we had but struggle with.  That doesn’t make someone better or worse at traveling. On the flipside of my struggle is: When I’m in a group and suddenly everything gets dangerous (it’s happened) my control freak self is great at level-headedly taking charge and getting everyone out safe.


This is some good advice.  And yes, no one is the perfect traveler.  But even if like Dani you aren’t the best at instant adapting, travel helps you become better at it.

How are you at adapting to situations?  Are you a pro, or like Dani, do you struggle sometimes?


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