An Interview with Fred Perrotta Founder of Tortuga Backpacks, How Long-term Travel Can Change Your Life, How to Plan an Extended Trip in South America, and 25 Gift Ideas for RTW Travelers

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This week on BootsnAll we’re talking about how one googler found a new career on his travels in an interview with Tortuga Backpacks founder Fred Perrotta, how long-term travel can change our lives (for the better), and sharing tips for extended travel in South America, and some traveler gift ideas.

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How Travel Changed a Former Googler’s Life: An Interview with the Founder of Tortuga Backpacks

building a better backpack

Jenn Miller interviews Fred Perrotta, the entrepreneur that quit Google to solve every traveler’s biggest problem: packing. His solution? Tortuga Backpacks.

“I’m Fred Perrotta, the co-founder of Tortuga Backpacks. I’ve lived in, worked in, or traveled to about 15 countries since my first international trip less than six years ago.My mission is to help people take amazing trips. I do that by making urban travel backpacks and by sharing everything I know about packing and gear. I believe so strongly in this mission and company that I quit my job at Google, the #1-ranked place to work, to work on Tortuga Backpacks.”

How Long-Term Travel Can Change You and Your Life (For the Better)

Barcelona's gothic neighborhood

BootsnAll Editor Jean Ciolli shares why getting hooked on short-term travel is only the first step and why even though in many ways long-term travel is harder, it’s worth the extra effort because of how it makes the traveler grow and change in unexpected ways.

“My first few years in Spain, my perceptions were distorted, tinged by my own background, and very set ideas about comfort and income. It’s one thing to be uncomfortable on the road for a short jaunt of a few months or less. It’s something altogether different long-term, for a year or more. That said, I’ve since learned that I’m a jerk. Of course standards of living aren’t the same everywhere, not even in countries painted with the ubiquitous “first-world” label. I fell so much harder for India (and even Mexico) than anywhere in Europe because I had no specific ideas about what life should be like those two countries, so I was mentally and emotionally ready to ‘rough’ it (although ironically, I didn’t have to very much).”

Tips on Extended Travel in South America

extended travel in South AmericaAdam Seper takes us through the many reasons (budget, scenery, food) that South America is an ideal destination for an extended stay on your multi-stop or RTW trip, as well as the specifics of what to expect in Bolivia, Peru, Argentina, and Chile.

“Think of anything that interests you, and South America probably has it. Do you want to dance the night away until the wee hours of the morning with some of the best dressed, friendliest, and laid back people in the world?  Make a trip to the Argentine capital of Buenos Aires.  How about hiking through the jungle on a search for the world’s largest snake or seeing landscapes that seem like they’re from another planet? Bolivia has both and is just the thing for you.  What about you hikers out there?  Don’t worry, there’s plenty for you as well with the stunning scenery of Patagonia in southern Argentina and Chile.  History buffs?  The 4 day Inca Trail hike to Machu Picchu is in order.”

25 Fun and Useful Gift Ideas For Round-the-World Travelers

gifts for RTW travelersRound the world travelers are always on the lookout for gear to help them travel more efficiently. Here are 25 gift ideas for the round-the-world trip traveler on your holiday shopping list from BootsnAll’s Adam Seper.

“With the holidays coming up soon, finding that perfect gift for the travel-lover in you life can be difficult. There’s so much stuff out there that it’s hard to decide what’s best. Whether you have a world traveler close to you in your life or you are one, you should check out the following traveler-friendly gift ideas. These are items that’ll make hitting the road just a tad bit easier for the round-the-world traveler.”

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