Book Reviews: “Dream Save Do” & “Getting Rid of It”

During a couple recent international flights, I finally got some solid reading time in – which meant I had time to dig into two ebooks released by a pair of long-term travelers we at BootsnAll happen to adore, Betsy and Warren Talbot.

Travelers know the Talbots as Married with Luggage, but since setting off on their RTW trip more than a year ago, they’ve become evangelists for something bigger than just travel. Their focus is now on what they call “Living the Good Life,” and while their own personal “good life” is about traveling the globe, they’re cheerleaders ready to help you achieve whatever the “good life” means for you.

Dream Save Do

The first ebook I read, “Dream Save Do,” is partly a step-by-step guide to moving from being unhappy in your current situation to not just determining what your “good life” looks like but actually helping you figure out ways to save the money you need to make it a reality. The other side of “Dream Save Do” is the more personal one, in which the Talbots share their own story – and, more importantly, their own struggles – as they explain each step. These real-world examples of foibles (and how to fix them) are powerful reminders that even though no one is perfect, we can all still get where we want to be. It’s a matter of not giving up.

The Talbots recommend reading “Dream Save Do” twice – once straight-through to get an idea of the whole process, and a second time to actually put each chapter’s to-do list into action (as they say in the book, “action is a more powerful path to success than research”). The tasks outlined in each chapter aren’t always easy – in fact, some are really tough – but along with the tasks are helpful tips and loads of supportive guidance. Here again, learning about the Talbots’ personal stories behind each of the steps goes a long way toward making it seem like you’re not embarking on an impossible mission by yourself.

Getting Rid of It

The second ebook, “Getting Rid of It,” zeroes in on one aspect of “Dream Save Do” – clearing out the clutter. Now, anyone who’s planning a long-term trip knows that this is a very literal process – you’ve got a house full of stuff, and you need to get rid of it before you can leave on your trip. But again, the Talbots aren’t just speaking to travelers, so “Getting Rid of It” isn’t just geared toward people who are selling everything they own (even though that’s what the Talbots did) – it’s geared toward anyone with a closet that’s too full, a garage they can’t actually park in, or a bathroom cabinet jammed with out-of-date medication. In short, this book is perfect for most of the people who live in the United States (myself included).

The tips listed in “Getting Rid of It” aren’t necessarily ground-breaking, although the Talbots definitely get points for creativity in some cases (the “Reverse Birthday Party” concept comes to mind) and many people could learn from their ability to maintain focus on a goal and stick to what can be a difficult road.

Passion You Can Almost Taste

Of the two ebooks, I think “Dream Save Do” is the stronger work. Not every reader will have the benefit of knowing Betsy and Warren personally, but I promise you that the passion and enthusiasm they have in real life for pursuing the “good life” practically jumps off the page. It’s incredibly easy to imagine that you’re getting advice from a friend when you read these books, because the Talbots really do care about you.

They don’t know you, and they still care about you – and anyone who knows Betsy and Warren will back me up on this.

Although these books have greater application outside the travel world, they are incredibly useful for travelers – whether you’re planning a long-term trip or just want to travel more than you currently do. You can find both books in the Amazon Kindle Store (links below).

>> Ladies, Betsy has also just written a brand-new ebook which I have but haven’t had time to read – and this time it’s just for the girls. It’s called “Strip Off Your Fear: Slip Into Something More Confident,” and it’s on the Amazon Kindle Store for $9.99.

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Warren Talbot
23 March 2012

Jessica, thank you for a touching and wonderful review. We are so happy to know you enjoyed the books and found they spoke to you. We both love the opportunity to help and it means a lot to know that the books can do just that.

Thank you for starting our Saturday here in Thailand with a smile.

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