BootsnAll at PhoCusWright: Prepare for Lots of Posts

This is a quick word of warning to anyone who’s subscribed to the RSS feed of this blog or receives updates of new posts via email – or just anyone who casually stumbles on the blog on Tuesday, November 16.

There are three BootsnAll staffers at the PhoCusWright Conference in Scottsdale, Arizona this week, and tomorrow is the third annual Travel Innovation Summit. Throughout the day, more than 30 companies will each get 12 minutes to tell the conference audience what they’re all about and why they should be voted the best travel innovation of the conference. As each company is giving their presentation, we’ll be making notes – and as each one finishes, we’ll publish a brief profile of the company and their PhoCusWright presentation right here on the blog.

In other words, you’ll get something of an deluge of new posts from us tomorrow.

We promise this high pace of posts on the blog is temporary, and we’re not going to get into the habit of inundating you with blog posts. We also hope that you find the information interesting, especially as the presentations may introduce you to companies whose services you could end up using as a travel consumer. We’ll recap the official finalists from tomorrow’s presentations, let you know which ones were our personal favorites (even if they didn’t make the cut), and let you know who wins the overall prize, too.

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