BootsnAll Homepage Redesign

Y’know how when you move the furniture around in your house that it feels brand new? You own the same stuff, and you live in the same place, but that reorganization helps you find the most important things more easily and makes you feel 10 years younger? Okay, maybe that last part doesn’t really apply to reorganizing your living room, but BootsnAll’s recent homepage redesign has given us quite a boost.

You’ll still find the massive archive of information that we’ve built up since 1998 – we haven’t gotten rid of anything – but now our front door is more streamlined, and it’s easier to find what you’re looking for. Here’s a shot of the fancy new homepage that we love so much:

Going somewhere? Destinations are listed on the left. Planning a multi-stop trip? The trip planner is on the right. Looking for some travel inspiration? The feature article of the day is highlighted in the middle. In addition to the daily featured article, you’ll also find a few other things highlighted in the middle of the new homepage – including our free round-the-world ticket report and profiles of long-term travelers, both of which help fuel your travel dreams.

Scroll a bit further down and you’ll see one featured destination, a RTW travel tip of the week, and adventure travel ideas. And if you want to browse even further, the menu at the top grants you access to the archive of BootsnAll travel articles, directories to search and book hostels or flights, the BootsnAll travel message boards, the company blog, and the Indie Travel Manifesto.

We hope this redesigned homepage makes your BootsnAll experience better, and of course we’re always eager to hear your feedback. What do you like about the new homepage? Anything bother you about the new design? Whether you now realize you can get where you want to go much more quickly or you’re frustrated because you can’t find something you used to see on the front page, let us know. Leave a comment on this post or send us a message through our feedback center.

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