Bring the Best of Your Europe Trip Home, Travel like a Local in Guatemala, Six Places in Poland , and Why You Should Go To Belarus

At Bootsnall, we believe in travel. We don’t just believe it’s possible, we know it’s vital. This week’s content focuses in on how travel can change your life, one trip, and one habit at a time, and offers practical tips on where to go, and how to get around once you’re there.

Regular contributor, Jenn Miller, shares her expertise on getting around (like a local) in Guatemala, Rebecca Rice gives her advice on how to keep up enjoyable habits acquired in Europe (think leisurely lunches and coffee with friends), Jenna Makowski recommends six places in Poland to visit (Beyond Warsaw), and Katie Aune makes the case for adding Belarus (despite what you’ve heard) to your Eastern Europe Itinerary.

How to Bring the Best of Your Europe Trip Home

bring best of europe home

Traveling in Europe is a fun break from the American routine. But who says we can’t keep up new cultural habits back in the U.S.? Leisurely lunches, time outdoors and three cups of espresso a day? Rebecca Rices shares her best tips on how to embrace the best of the European lifestyle, at home.

“I once asked a Greek woman what the difference was between Americans and Europeans. ‘Europeans,’ she said, ‘like life.’ Maybe this was an insult, but I have interpreted it to mean that Europeans are more willing to find joy in everything- have you ever driven 140 kilometers per hour on the Autobahn? I’m not endorsing speeding, but the fun, free mindset Americans often adopt on vacation gets thrown out in the wash with our dirty laundry as soon as we get home when suddenly the freeway looks less like a race track and more like a torturous commute. Traveling can, and should, lead to permanent changes in our perspective.”

How to Travel like a Local in Guatemalaoverland travel in guatemala

Jenn Miller explains why overland travel is the best (and perhaps only) way to see the “authentic” Guatemala. Her insights on how to use chicken buses, collectivos, fletes, and even boats to travel deeper in the Central American country are particularly helpful to travelers of all experience levels.

“There simply aren’t flights around the country to speak of (to Tikal and back is really about it). If you want to see more than the obvious tourist highlights you’re going to have to get down and dirty and travel like the locals.”

Six Places in Poland You’ve Never Heard Of

six places in poland you've never heard of
Warsaw and Krakow are Poland’s most popular tourist cities. But for travelers willing to get off-the-beaten-path a little, Jenna Makowski offers some advice on lesser-known but equally interesting destinations in Poland’s Lower Silesia region.

“Four hours from Warsaw, six hours from Prague, and six hours from Berlin, the Lower Silesian region of Poland butts up against Germany and the Czech Republic and is literally at the center of Central Europe. Medieval market squares, Renaissance castles, and mountain spas populate the region. While most visitors to Poland gravitate toward its two major cities, Warsaw and Krakow, Lower Silesia is a great place to visit for history buffs and outdoor enthusiasts alike.”

Why You Should Forget Everything You’ve Heard and Go to Belarus

Belarus why you should go

Belarus may be one of the least visited of the former Soviet republics, but Katie Aune explains why you should ignore everything you’ve heard (it’s mostly exaggerated) and add Belarus as a stop on your tour of the former Soviet countries in Eastern Europe.

“…there are those countries that people seem to overlook – they just don’t really factor into the conversation.Belarus is one of those countries. If you’re like most people, you have likely never given much thought to this former Soviet republic. If you’re like many of my friends, the only thing that may come to mind when someone mentions Belarus is the episode of Friends when Phoebe’s boyfriend runs off to Minsk.”

Photo, Ekaterina Pokrovsky /, Milosz Maslanka /, CCat82 /, nodff.

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