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We focused on the topic of Career Breaks this week at #rtwchat! We also continued our new feature to #rtwchat by doing a live, videotaped Google Hangout where two of the co-founders, myself, and Meet, Plan, Go! co-founder and career break guru Sherry Ott discussed each question and some of our favorite answers as they were coming in.

We plan to continue this and invite some of you, the participants, to join us in our discussion. Comment below to tell us your thoughts of this new addition. Cool? Sucks? Suggestions to make it better? Interested in being a guest? Let us know!

The usual, weekly recap of the chat is after the jump.

Recap of #rtwchat on Twitter – October 3, 2012

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[…] a fantastic interactive RTW chat about career-break travel. One of their innovative methods was recording their Google Hangout session and posting it on Youtube. I really enjoyed watching the experts discuss this topic in-depth. Sometimes, 140 characters just […]

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