Chicago Teachers Strike – Things to do for kids

To all the kids in Chicago Public Schools,

G’Day. My name is Sean Keener and I am a Chicago native, though I left long ago.

You probably already know this, but the classroom is not the only place in the world for you to learn like this mother exclaimed.

1:10 p.m. ‘It’s a shame my daughter can’t learn’

– from this Chicago Tribune article

There are millions of places on earth that you can learn, that are actually fun, and have nothing todo with school. Here are just a few off the top of my head.

– Go to the library and find some topics that you are interested in…read.
– Get on the internet – there are more places to learn that you have time left on this earth. Start with the Khan Academy. There are others. Google online learning to start perhaps.
– Walk down your street. Stop talking, start listening. Watch. See what goes on. By just observing, there is so much to learn.
– Museums – Chicago has a ton of them, and they are super fun and interesting. Check them out. It’s probably more fun to learn there than in the classroom.
– Are there any old people on your block that are home all day? Knock on there door and bring them a flower, glass of water and ask them if you can talk to them. Ask them about there life and history. They probably have lots of life experiences both good and bad that you can learn from.
– This is my favorite way to learn – Indie Travel – Getting out and doing Indie Travel in your hometown, or internationally is perhaps the best way to learn. Since you are most likely still under your parents care, this one is a bit harder now, but start dreaming!

Any other ideas out there?

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