Debunking RTW Travel Myths – #RTWChat on Twitter

Many myths abound about why people can’t take round the world trips, but we think they’re exactly that – myths! For every reason, or excuse, you throw at us for why you can’t travel, we have a good response for why that myth is wrong.

Jenn Miller joined us on video for yesterday’s chat, and as always, had some fantastic insight for why there is no good reason for not traveling, if that’s what you really want to do. She’s made it happen for over five years, and she’s done it with four kids in tow! Check out the video to get some awesome tips, advice, and inspiration.

For more on RTW myths, check out the following articles, and if you missed #RTWChat yesterday, read the recap below.

Comments on Debunking RTW Travel Myths – #RTWChat on Twitter

lee laurino
25 June 2013

great overview on rtw long term travel. although you mentioned solo, mature travel, there is not enough info out there on this topic. i only read about the wonderful old people they met who had been everywhere…… but there are thousands of the rest of us ‘mature’ who will be out on the road too now that we stopped working since we were 16
stay tuned i shall be reporting from the road this year

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