Discovering Yourself Through Travel

We all travel for different reasons, and many times the reason people start traveling is to escape something (a broken relationship, a job, the same monotonous life).  Today for the 2015 Indie Travel Challenge we are talking about how discovery is more important than escape, and how even though you may begin traveling as an escape, you undoubtedly discover things about yourself. 


Nov 28 - questions

Dani tell us why she began traveling and what she discovered in doing so:

“When I first traveled it was to escape.  Escape the tiny, very homogenous, suburbia hell I was trapped in and see more. That trip I hitchhiked to Florida from Massachusetts.  I was 17.

At 25 I ‘escaped’ again.  Or more, I had recently broke off a 3 ½ year relationship with a pretty not-so-cool dude, and suddenly had the chance to go abroad.   So I did.  I needed to get away from everything for a bit, but on this trip I discovered so much more.

I had wanted to travel since I was 7, but kept putting it off because I didn’t have a good reason to travel.  The ‘needing a sanity escape’ break seemed acceptable.  

Now I travel to discover.  On that second trip; my first international trip and my first solo trip, I discovered:

• You don’t need a reason to travel other than for the sake of traveling. So just do it.

• That I am a much calmer person when I travel and I actually enjoy time to myself.

• I can handle anything.

• Travel centers me.  

And I discovered that if I don’t go somewhere new at least every couple of months (even if it’s just a daytrip into the desert), I become Miss Crankypants.”

Well we wouldn’t want Miss Crankypants – so go travel and tell us what you have (or hope) to discover about yourself!

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