What’s Your Expat City?

There comes a time while traveling, that spending a week or two here and there just doesn’t cut it anymore. You want to connect with the locals and the culture, but being so temporary doesn’t always allow for that. And then comes the idea to move to the city you’ve just fallen in love with and become an expat. Until you want to move on… or live forever in the city you love.

Becoming an expat in a new country is the best way to get to know the country from a local’s perspective. Choosing a country and city to move to is all about your own personal likes and dislikes. Maybe you’ve studied French in high school and want to sample how it feels to live in Paris for a while. Or maybe Italian has always been your love and Milan might just do the trick. Or maybe you had no plans of staying, but something about the city just felt like home. Have you ever been an expat? Where and what made you choose that city? If not, what city would you want to be an expat in?

After my latest two week trip to Southern Europe, I’m considering living in Athens for a while. I don’t speak much Greek (I probably know about 25 words) but when I traveled I didn’t have any problem using English. So I’m currently studying Greek, but worst-case scenario, it’s a relief to know people who have been living in Greece for years and still don’t speak the language.

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Week 28 of the Indie Travel Challenge is all about expat life.

Have you been an expat? What made you decide to stay? If not, what city would you choose for being an expat and why?

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Comments on What’s Your Expat City?

Julian Greene
11 July 2012

I encourage you to keep studying your Greek. I spent 18 months there. I didn’t NEED to speak Greek — I could get along fine with my English and smattering of French and German, BUT because so few Americans bother, when I did learn the language, the Greeks absolutely rolled out the red carpet for me everywhere I went. In fact they paid me the ultimate compliment by asking if I was Greek. I’m sure they knew I was not, but they were thrilled with my willingness to communicate with them. My experience was so enriched because of it. I felt comfortable everywhere I went, and was willing to just jump on any bus on the weekends to go wherever it took me. The Greeks are very open and kind.

11 July 2012

When I was in Athens in March I did use the few words I do know and they were absolutely happy that I tried. And yes, for traveling to remote areas, it’s best to speak Greek.

Don Anthony
16 July 2012

My sister and I just spent over a month in San Miguel de Allende, MX while she “worked from home”. You can read about it here: http://www.TakeToTheHighway.com (no ads here, just info)

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