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We focused on the topic of Family Travel this week at #rtwchat!

We had a guest on our live video chat this week, BootsnAll writer and family travel guru Jenn Miller of The Edventure Project, who has been traveling with her husband and four children for over four years now.

Jenn has some fantastic insight on the idea of long-term, slow travel with a family, and shares her expertise and tips on family travel and most importantly, educating your children on the road. If you have a family (or plan to start one some day) and don’t want to give up your wanderlusting ways, then I urge you to watch this chat.

To read more from Jenn, check out the following articles she has written for BootsnAll:

The usual, weekly recap of the chat is after the jump.


Recap of #rtwchat on Twitter – October 31, 2012

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Living Outside of the Box
03 November 2012

What a great chat…I thoroughly enjoyed it :-) Jenn certainly IS a Wikipedia, and she had some very wonderful responses (wow–talk about being articulate!)–as did the rest of you. Thanks again!

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