Five Ideas for Adding a Little Luxury to Your Next Trip

For most travelers, it’s impossible to put a specific label on their travel style. On the same trip at times I may travel like a backpacker, opting for cheap and basic hostel accommodation, while at others I am the quintessential tourist, lining up with everyone else to see the city’s most famous and crowded monument.


Sometimes I run at a frenetic pace; sometimes I’m all about slow, thoughtful travel, immersing myself in the local culture and getting off the beaten path. Sometimes I like to be active, exploring hiking trails and jungle paths, and other times I want to do nothing except sit by the pool with a frozen drink. And sometimes, in the midst of a small-budget trip, I like to splurge on one all-out luxury experience.


According to Miriam-Webster, the word luxury is defined as:

“Something adding to pleasure or comfort but not absolutely necessary or an indulgence in something that provides pleasure, satisfaction, or ease”


Well, who doesn’t like that? Luxury doesn’t have to equal expensive (though it often does); luxury can be any little thing that adds an element of indulgence to your trip. It’s all about what makes you happy. No matter what your budget or travel style, here are five ways to add a bit of luxury to your next trip.
  • Take the train. No, we’re not talking about the third-class cattle car. Make the journey the destination by riding the rails in style on an epic  train journey  like the Trans-Siberian or South Africa’s Blue Train.  You get the experience and the accommodation all in one, and many routes allow you to get out for “layovers” along the way.  There are so many great Canada train trips that are much closer as well. Who’s up for a trip through the mountains on the Rocky Mountaineer?
  • Indulge your foodie fantasies. If you love exploring a place through its food, opt for a few spectacular meals. Though you can easily experience some great food without spending much, if there’s a particular restaurant you’ve always wanted to try or a certain food you  just can’t get for less, save up for one big meal you’ll never forget. Try some Icelandic delicacies like whale or puffin. Eat at one of Chicago’s best (and priciest) restaurants.  Opt for the foie gras or champagne in France, or sit down for high tea in London. The memories will last far longer than the meal.

What’s your favorite luxury item to splurge on when you travel?

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05 August 2011

Meals are my splurge, especially when I’m in Paris. Jules Vernes on one trip, Taillevent on another. However, I do save some money by going for lunch rather than dinner.

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