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A great way to really experience the culture of a foreign country is through its food. Not only the tastes and smells, but the method, the history, the preparation – all offer an amazing insight into the traditions of that place.

Yesterday on #RTWChat, we talked about food while traveling. We were also fortunate enough to have Kelsey Timmerman, author of the book Where Am I Eating?, join us for a video interview during #RTWChat. He had some amazing stories to tell about where our food actually comes from, and it is a highly entertaining and informative interview, so check it out!

If you missed the chat itself, read the recap below to see what you missed. Warning: you may not want to read the recap on an empty stomach).

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30 May 2013

Thanks for the fun interview Sean and for reading EATING.

10 June 2013

I loved the book Kelsey – thanks for joining us.

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