Author: Sean Keener

Food in Asia

Whether you are a foodie or not, eating will always be part of your travels. After all, you don’t plan to stock your luggage with canned and dried foods, do you? Every continent has some interesting dishes which appeal to our taste buds, but Asian cuisine seems to be the most well-known. It’s not hard to find Asian restaurants in any part of the world, but the food tastes much better in Asia, cooked with the locally grown ingredients and using the local techniques.
You have to pick one country in Asia to eat from for a month. What country do you pick? Why?
Considering that I’m a Pescatarian (vegetarian who eats fish), I’m happy anywhere I can find good vegetable dishes and amazing seafood, which means I can find something to please my taste buds anywhere in Asia. But the best place to get good tasting vegetarian food is, without a doubt, India. I’ve recently discovered chickpeas, so I started looking for recipes and found a lot of them in the Indian cuisine (needless to say, I actually cooked them, after asking an Indian friend for tips). However, I am very sure they’d taste quite difference if I ever get a chance to eat them in India.
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Week 35 of the Indie Travel Challenge is all about food in Asia.

You have to pick one country in Asia to eat from for a month. What country do you pick? Why?
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