Giving Back to the Local Economy on Your RTW Trip

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Cristina loves buying local and tells us about how she helps give back when she travels:

Over the years, I’ve got into the habit of visiting my local farmers’ market every chance I got. I may go as often as 3 times a week during the summer season. And with the increase in hand-made businesses and fairs, they also become part of my life where I live.


Central Market - Budapest

Central Market – Budapest


When I travel, I choose to give back by:

  • staying in locally owned guesthouses or hostels
  • buying food from the farmers’ markets
  • visiting artisan fairs, including Christmas Markets

The only thing I find to be challenging in the non-English speaking countries is the language barrier. The local businesses aren’t created for tourists so if you are not fluent in the native language, it may get a bit awkward.

For the past 4 years, I’ve been visiting the Christmas Markets in Budapest every winter (or shall I say every December around my birthday?). Every single time I come back with: hand-made soap, hand-made something-to-wear or hand-made Christmas decorations. And every single time my husband does the talking because I speak a limited number of words in Hungarian.

Wreath for sale at the Christmas Market

Wreath for sale at the Christmas Market

For our wedding anniversary this year, we chose Eger, the city well known for its wines. We stayed in a locally-owned guesthouse. While my emails with the owner were written in English (his a very poor one), once we got there, he thanked Providence one of us was fluent in Hungarian. And the way he treated us – picked us up from the train station for free, gave us tips what to do and what not to miss – made our trip amazing.


Vienna Christmas Market.

Vienna Christmas Market.


It gives me great pride to know I help the local businesses. I know that because I spent money on their service or product, they can continue to sell to others and also make a living out of it.

Sure, I have my “prefered” chains when it comes to coffee and salads. But I don’t visit them all the time. When I don’t have a decent choice, that’s when I hit the chains. But let’s be honest, you won’t want to hit the chain when you are in Italy and want to drink a coffee or eat pizza. That would be disrespectful to your taste buds!”


Vienna Christmas Market

Vienna Christmas Market

How do you give back to the local economy?


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