Have you ever traveled to watch the Olympics?

The first ancient Olympic Games can be traced back to 776BC and they were dedicated to the Olympian Gods in Ancient Greece. The games took place on the plains of Olympia and were strongly linked to the religious festival dedicated to Zeus. Aside from showing the physical capabilities of the young people, the Olympic Games also encouraged good relations between the cities of Greece. In fact, all hostilities stopped during the games.

A lot has changed since the ancient Olympic Games. They started as a one–day event, but in the 5th century BC they were extended to cover five days. In those times, women were not allowed to participate (not even to watch the games) and if they were caught in the audience the punishment was to throw them off the cliff.

After the Greek War of Independence, there was increased interest in reviving the Olympic Games. And it happened in 1896 when the first Games held under the auspices of the International Olympic Committee were hosted in the Panathenaic stadium in Athens.

Changes marked the Games over the years and nowadays it’s an event which attracts a lot of visitors. This year, the Summer Olympic Games take place in London. Have you ever been to the Olympics? Is traveling to watch the Olympics on your wishlist? Why? Why not?

Like most kids, I used to watch the Olympics on TV. The opening and the closing ceremonies were the highlights of the Games, but I would often end up watching the gymnastics or other competitions. As I grew up, I lost interest in watching any sports on TV and switched to watching them live from the arena. However, I have yet to plan a trip for the purpose of watching the Olympic Games. What about you?

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Week 30 of the Indie Travel Challenge is all about the Olympics and traveling to watch the events live.

Have you ever been to the Olympics? Is it on your wishlist? Why? Why not?

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Comments on Have you ever traveled to watch the Olympics?

Tracy McDonald
23 July 2012

I have always wanted to travel to see an Olympics but always worried about the high cost to do so. Then, we were incredibly fortunate to have our hometown, Vancouver, Canada host the 2010 Winter Olympics. We went to as many events as possible – it was amazing. Of all of our travel experiences, this was probably the best experience of my life! Highly, highly recommend it!!!

Joann Pittman
25 July 2012

I was living in Beijing in 2008 (still do) and “travelled” to some of the venues on foot — they were that close to my home. Great fun it was.

25 July 2012

Travelling within the country is just as challenging as from another country. I live about 30 miles from London and the logistics of getting to London then getting about London while the games are on has left me and my family spending HOURS planning it

27 July 2012

I think attending to the Olympic is one of the bucket list thing to attend. If you watch the Olympics and enjoy watching other countries coming together to compete then why not go. The Olympics is like attending the World Cup. You just have to go. I have yet to attend but will be planning to attend the next Olympic even know I hate being around crowded places.

Olympic Lover!
28 July 2012

I have traveled to 4 Olympics thus far – Montreal in ’76, Lake Placid in ’80, LA in ’84, & Atlanta in ’96. The first 3 my husband & I did together. The last, we took our 2 children (8 & 15 at the time) and my parents. We can’t say enough about the Olympic experience! We recently returned from London, but chose not to stay for the Olympics this time. We were at Centennial Park about 1 hour before the bombing in Atlanta. Thank goodness we left when we had. Though the rest of those games were GREAT, the world is certainly a different place now & we decided it best to avoid the security issues of the games. We of course picked up all our Olympic souvenirs while in London to keep the spirit alive while we watch from the comfort of our home. Going to the Olympics is a costly event, but the educational exprience and lifetime memories certainly outweigh the cost! I would recommend it to anyone who is a sports fan!

30 July 2012

The closest I’ve ever been to an Olympics is the ParaOlympics in Beijing in 2008. I was on a tour with Intrepid and happened to be there at the right time. Some of us watched a women’s wheelchair basketball match. The atmosphere at the olympic park and stadium is surreal during that time, I can’t imagine what it was like weeks prior during the actual olympics.

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